Apply for a Home

Lakeland Habitat appreciates your giving to build and restore homes for those in need. You are changing lives one house at a time!

Apply for a Home

Listed below are the current income levels that we will accept along with all information that is needed in order for us to process your application.

Income Levels for Home Applicants


# of People Income Level # of People Income Level
1 person $18,250-29,250 5 people $28,200-45,100
2 people $20,900-33,400 6 people $30,300-48,450
3 people $23,500-37,600 7 people $32,350-51,750
4 people $26,100-41,750 8 people $34,450-55,100


Application Information

Proof of income, consisting of one month’s worth of paycheck stubs and/or child support printout or recent Social Security award letter.

Income tax returns for the past two years. All children listed on the application should also be included on tax returns. If they are not included on the tax returns, the applicant should provide an explanation.

Copies of Social Security cards for all family members

Green card (if applicable)

There is a $25 processing fee for the applicant ($40 if there is an applicant and a co-applicant).


For further questions please contact us.



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