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Habitat for Humanity is making a difference in the lives of people in Lakeland, Florida. These personal stories from Habitat partner families illustrate the impact that safe, affordable and stable housing can have on the lives of people in need.

“Home Décor Boutique” – A New Addition to Our Furniture Thrift Store

It was not that long ago that we renovated our Furniture Thrift Building to look like a showroom. Now we have added to that our “Home Décor Boutique.”

On October 18, we celebrated the opening with on-site broadcasting with Roger & Craig from WPCV Country in the morning and with Mike from MAX 98 during the lunch hour. Two of our board members served hot dogs and drinks, while our friendly staff greeted customers. Ann Shaw was the winner of our $50 gift basket drawing. Our staff and volunteers at the ReStore value our customers and were happy to share this day with them.

The “Home Décor Boutique” area is a combination of old and new furniture, glassware, collectibles, fine china and much more. There are items you may see in fine antique stores that are being sold in the boutique at greatly reduced prices. We are blessed to acquire these items through generous donors who are downsizing their estates.

If you are moving, renovating, downsizing or just cleaning out, please call us and we will pick up large quantities/items. All proceeds from our ReStore stay in our community to build and renovate homes for low income and elderly community members. To schedule a pickup, please call 863-688-4660.

Condo Makeover All From The ReStore

Sherry Hammond, Owner of S & H Printing, purchased a condo for rehab.  After visiting the ReStore to see what was available, Sherry decided she could save herself a lot of money.  After multiple visits each week for a couple of months, she had everything her handyman needed to complete the project.  Here are just a few of the many items you will see in the picture that were purchased at the ReStore:

All Appliances
Cabinets & Countertops
Tile Flooring
Laminate Flooring
White Paint for Time, including Paint Supplies
Kitchen Sink
Area Rugs – 5’ x 7’ Size

Sherry became a familiar face and became a friend to all of our ReStore Team.

Habitat Needs Your Help


1317 George Jenkins Blvd.

Lakeland, FL 33815

Tel: 863-682-3812


Headline Reads


Leaky Roofs

This article was in the Ledger Newspaper on Monday, June 19.


If you don’t go out and see the need, you don’t have to help, very simple, but once you do go, how can you not help? I was so shocked to see the conditions in which way too many of our veterans and elderly live. We cannot let this continue. This is right here in Lakeland & surrounding areas, not some 3rd world country! Your neighbors need your help! Please donate to Lakeland Habitat for Humanity so that we can get out there & show them that you do care. Help us to help these low-income veteran and elderly homeowners who are in desperate need of home repairs. 

“I bought this place because I thought I would live here until I died. I just did not realize I would live so long. I have outlived my savings and with my limited income of $800 a month I just can’t pay for the repairs I use to do myself.” 

Dear Ms. Twomey

I read the article in The Ledger about roof repairs. My wife and I are one of those couples with that need and an inability to get it fixed. I am a veteran on disability. Right now the problem is small, just a drip and damage restricted to the ceiling. We had a roofer look at it and it would cost $4,500. That is way beyond us. Please keep us in mind if there are funds available. My wife and I have admired the work of Habitat for years. What a wonderful service to our community and others across the county. Lakeland is blessed to have you here.

Best regards,

These are not isolated people, but the kind of calls we get every day. Habitat Lakeland started doing emergency home repairs 3 years ago because the need was so great. We have completed home repairs for 51 veterans as well as completing 394 ramps in partnership with VISTE, 83 emergency repairs for elderly, helped 2 churches, several other non-profits, a children’s baseball field and provided 154 homes for families.

We currently have a waiting list of 38 people in need of help with “leaky roof repairs.”

Within 24 hours of this article we had a woman donate $5,000 to help pay for a leaky roof, $15,000 from Wells Fargo, $1.00 from an elderly person, (every $ counts) a woman who wanted to know if we would do her roof and she would pay us so that money could go to help someone else. (Which we can’t do, but that is creative thinking) and a new partnership with a mobile home park that would like to give some mobile homes to veterans.

Now we are asking you to put yourself in the shoes of just one of these people and please help us to help them.

In memory of Father John Caulfield who was a member of Lakeland Habitat’s Advisory Council, who would have said: “There’s no problem getting the money, we just need to open our pockets.”

You can donate by mail, by phone, online at or out of your pocket!


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